This package is basically an extension of package one offering you merged and processed scans in point cloud in format used by your favorite software, on our secure share application. 

Package 2 offers:

  • Crew mobilization;
  • Project consultation;
  • Black&white and/or colored raw scan data;
  • Postprocessing;
  • Point Cloud in applicable format;
  • Delivery on our secure file share application.

Once acquired field scans are subjected to postprocessing. Increase of 3D model complexities is followed by demands for better visualization in computer graphics. Such details, while modeling become very time consuming with questionable cost-effectiveness. Adopting new technologies, such as 3D scanning, offers you +/- 1mm accurate real-world objects almost immediately in the comfort of your office. 
Postprocessing is a back-office task of creating an engineering package depending on the output clients require. Different output will require different procedures to be performed on the raw data coming from site survey. Export formats are available in E57, RCP, VRML, DXF, XYZ Text, XYZ Binary, IGES, FLS, and PTS.

This package is also used as a dimensional control while inspecting injection molds, so this technique creates an overlay. Comparing your 3D model with the scanned mold and overlaying them, we get a colored chart that gives the fastest feedback indicating the parts with excess or shortage of material.