This package offers a digital twin, a 3D model of your object/s that can be available within days.

Package 3 offers:

  • Crew mobilization;
  • Project consultation;
  • Black&white and/or colored raw scan data;
  • Postprocessing;
  • Point Cloud in applicable format;
  • Optimized mesh model;
  • Accurate as built 3D CAD model;
  • Delivery on our secure file share application.

Scanning process and processing starts on-site defining the zone of interest, how scanning is progressing the cloud develops and is ready for modeling. Depending on your sites size, accessibility and complexity, but within days all the measures you’ll have available in the pleasant environment of your office. If you’re an EPC contractor and contracted to perform a modification or a revamping on remote site with missing or lacking documentation, you’re challenged with detailed planning and other prep work needed to deliver the project with minimum downtime and within budget. Once point cloud is completed and inserted into a modeling software, texture has to be modeled. 

Within this package we can include the modeling of the project’s revamping scope. Once the revamp model is completed, equipment and, instruments positioned, cable trays routed and clashes avoided, the engineering team can move to the next step, the detail design. Besides modeling the revamping scope, your project can be supported with:

  • Structural Design;
  • FEM analysis; 
  • CFD simulations.