About 3D Scanning

Work fast. Work smart. Use the 3D scanner! 

3D scanning technology overcomes classical measurement boundaries and offers greater potential for acquired data handling.

Advantages of 3D scanning technology:

  • Shortens technical documentation production time;
  • Measures and checks overall exact model dimensions;
  • Facilitates visualization and planning;
  • Speeds up prototype making;
  • Accelerates construction assembly; 
  • Minimizes excess on-site material handling;
  • Minimizes on-site man-hours;
  • Lets you stay in front of on schedule and within budget
  • Early detects and prevents errors;
  • First time fit up without clashes with accuracy +/- 1mm;
  • Minimizes time spent in hazardous areas;
  • Better presents design ideas;
  • Increases your competitiveness;
  • Saves your clients downtime;
  • Eases communication with customers.

The process provides full digital presentation of a scanned object that can be used for creating documentation or for three-dimensional model making purposes. The models can be used for restoration of physical objects, reverse engineering, quality control etc. Collected 3D scan data can be imported into standard software for shipbuilding, mechanical, architecture, building & construction, general industry.

The usage of this powerful tool has been recognized even outside its original industry needs. Creation of such models can make digitally available some of remote natural beauties to everyone, but also can be frozen in time for generations to come.

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