3D Scanning

Work fast. Work smart. Use 3D scanner!

3D scanning is a process that transforms a physical object into a fine digital three-dimensional model. 3D scanner uses laser beam which reflects from the object back to the scanner. Based on that principle 3D scanner collects data regarding shape and structure of the actual objects. Collected data is presented as millions of points precisely positioned in digital space (point cloud).

The process provides full digital presentation of scanned object that can be used for documentation or for three-dimensional model making purposes. The models can be used for restoration of physical objects, reverse engineering, quality control, etc. Technology of 3D scanning overcomes the boundaries of classical measurement methods and offers even greater potential for acquired data handling.

  • shorter technical documentation production time
  • precise measurements and checking of overall exact dimensions of the model
  • easier visualization and planning
  • prototype making possibility
  • more efficient production time
  • early detection and prevention of errors
  • better presentation of design ideas
  • increased competitiveness and easier communication with customers
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3D scanning is applicable for any kind of engineering processes, in different environments enabling the efficient use of collected data for different purposes.

Our experts will scan for you on site and deliver the point cloud of scanned object.

We can export the raw point cloud to many different data formats as documentation basis, analyses, design and visualization use.

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Available services:

  • Non-contact 3D scanning
  • Scan of large volume objects
  • Processing of 3D scanned data
  • 2D drawing of scanned objects
  • Reverse engineering
  • Comparison of scanned object with CAD models


Faro Focus3D X 130

It is a powerful tool for scanning big and medium sized objects. The scanner combines highest precision of scanning technology with mobility and simple use, reliable and flexible in collecting data visualized in real time.

It collects few millions of points per second, it is light for transport, has integrated GPS, collects low level of noise data and with WLAN availability makes it usable in versatile environments.

Collected 3D scan data can be imported into standard software for shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, architecture, building & construction, general industry.

FARO Focus3D X 130 scanner gives fast, simple measurements with great precision of complex structures such as:

  • ship shell/hull
  • ship inside spaces
  • facades
  • big volume structure
  • factories and industrial plants

Faro Freestyle 3D X

Faro Freestyle 3D X scanner is a light handheld scanner, specially designed for use in challenging projects that demand high precision and fast performance. The process of collecting data is fast and reliable and allows real time visualization.

The device is ideal for scanning:

  • hard visible surfaces
  • narrow and hard to reach surfaces
  • objects with precision details

About Us

AITAC's mission is Engineering Seagoing Challenges. We have 10 years of experience in ship design, specially megayachts and cruiser ships of complex design and top demands for the benefit of our customers. AITAC continuously implements innovative and intelligent solutions using high-tech products to design challenging, sophisticated and complex projects.

Following latest trends and technologies in shipbuilding AITAC introduced a new service - 3D scanning!

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